William Henry BR13 Meteor Retro Bracelet

# 755-98

William Henry BR13 Meteor Retro Bracelet

# 755-98



The 'Meteor Retro' embraces the stars – featuring sterling silver links each inlaid with meteorite, one of the rarest materials on Earth. Billions of years old, surviving a cosmic journey to crash intact onto the planet, now part of your personal legacy. Finished with our rugged stainless button lock clasp, inset with sapphire. Chart your own path in the universe.

Size Large

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Product Details

Name BR13 Meteor Retro Bracelet
Stock Number 755-98
Style Number BR13 MET
Department Fashion
Type Bracelet
Sub Type Fashion Bracelets, Men's Bracelets
Collection On The Wrist
Material Sterling Silver
Categories Fashion, Mens Jewelry

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Hurdle's Jewelry William Henry
William Henry

William Henry is an American brand creating timeless personal style for men through unique accessories crafted with honor & integrity.

The brand earned its fame for creating exclusive and award-winning pocket knives, and transforming the archetype of all tools into a superb piece of functional jewelry for men. Today’s collections also include men's jewelry, writing instruments, money clips, cuff links, key chains.

The seamless integration of classic natural materials, precious metals & gemstones, and state-of-the-art alloys is a hallmark of William Henry’s work. But what makes this brand so distinctive is that it has proudly retained the aura and feel of an artisan workshop, where most pieces are designed and created exclusively in limited, often unique editions.